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Joey Yap's Mian Xiang Mastery 1:
Face Reading
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Your New Secret Weapon

Can Your Competitors
Read Your Thoughts?


How would you like to read theirs. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul: they are also a window into the thoughts. When you study the science of Face Reading (Mian Xiang), you will learn that the face betrays even the most well kept secrets to those who know where to look. Learn how to decode the hidden messages that every face holds.

We'll show you how to accurately calculate the strengths and weaknesses of your rival or potential business partner while simply shaking hands with them. What you do with this information is up to you!

Your chance to learn how to Face Read before your competitors do is here.

Get an unfair advantage over everyone else in the room.

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Have the upper hand over every single person you meet

Every face tells a different story. An old English saying tells us not to "judge a book by its cover". In reality, we all judge people by their appearance - especially by their face. This is because the face is a rich source of data.

We are biologically programmed to recognise the human face instantly and draw immediate conclusions and information from it. We can tell if a person is happy, sad or angry from various facial expressions. The mouth, eyes, eyebrows and more are a window into the way that a person is feeling. We can sometimes get a "gut feeling" from the look on a person's face, even if we can't quite put our finger on why.

What if you could take your face reading skills further? When you look at a person's face, there is a lot of information that is hidden...unless you know how to find it. You might think you are good at "reading" people right now. Prepare to be blown away when you see how much you are missing out on. You often weigh up a person in the first few minutes of meeting them. Sometimes you may be right in your initial conclusions and sometimes not. Now, you can figure a person out - correctly - in mere seconds using the ancient art and science of Mian Xiang (Face Reading).

Over centuries, the ability to face read has been studied, improved, honed and perfected. It is now a time tested, battle ready precision science that produces verifiable information about people from little more than the composition of the human face.

Arming yourself with the ability to face read gives you a powerful upper hand when you meet new business associates, employees or romantic interests. When you know where to look, a face can tell you about a person's health, potential, personality, intentions, strength of character, Destiny, Fortune and much more. If you don't know how to decipher this wealth of information then you are leaving a lot of money on the table as you go through life. You observe hundreds of faces every day - now you need to learn to interpret what you see so you can make better decisions about whom you do and don't interact with and how you should proceed to do so.

Open your eyes!

Your New Secret Weapon

It is easy to observe a person's face. All you need to do is look at it! In fact, this is the great power of Face Reading; you can do it inconspicuously without planning or permission. The difficulty comes in interpreting - what you see when you are face to face with a potential business partner, employee or love interest.

There are many different kinds of people. We should avoid some and seek to get closer to others. Some people will simply drag you down whilst others will help you soar to new heights. Have you ever noticed how life's "winners" seem to be surrounded by other like minded, successful people? They rarely associate with negative or destructive people. Avoid these people in your life, too, and start employing, socialising, collaborating and living with people who really make precious contributions to your life and career. Life is about connections. You must actively seek to make the right ones.

Scrutinize With Immense Accuracy

Face Reading is a subtle, fast, invisible intelligence gathering tool. In a fast paced world you need to draw the right conclusions, under pressure, if you want the right results.

Mastering Mian Xiang shines a spotlight on the uncertainty.

Assess Others: As an employer you need to know where peoples strengths lie so that you may assign them to the right tasks. The right people make or break projects and opportunities which is why many leading corporate figures employ Mian Xiang just as ancient Emperors used to when dealing with other important figures.

Communicate Better: Communication is a two way street. When you understand what a person is about, where they come from and where you are going you can push their buttons more effectively. Articulate ideas, concepts and more so that they appeal to prospective clients or business partners. Close more deals.

Search For The Ideal Mate: Spending time with the wrong partner, only to eventually part ways, disappointed and bitter, can be heart breaking. Finding and being with the right one is the most rewarding experience most of us can hope for in life. Why waste time, energy and hope when you can pre-assess partners with Mian Xiang? You won't just be able to see incompatible partners - you might surprise yourself when you see just who is compatible! Find the perfect match.

Connect From The First Moment: Approach the right people and get off on the right foot. A great "people person" can gel with a wide variety of personality types because they know what to avoid doing and what must be done to get along with others. A person who doesn't understand the way others think and feel is destined to have very few friends and contacts. Wouldn't you love to harmonise with others perfectly?

Illness Detection: The face contains clues about impending illness or health problems in both yourself and others. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Pick up on these clues and nip issues in the bud.


I was totally blown away by Joey Yap's generosity. I was very impressed especially when I compare the teacher to all of the others I have taken courses from. I think I would enjoy learning from Joey Yap and now need to save to attend more classes!

May Hinazumi, U.S.A.

With Joey's unique teaching style and his through knowledge on the subject, he made the subject very interesting and easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge. It is amazing how the Bazi is so accurate about you, your character and talents.

Aruna ravithasan, United Kingdom

Thanks heaven for getting me the opportunity for listen to you. It is amazing, how you can get so much information in such short time. I'll need years for learning and understanding what you gave us. Thank you very much.

Daniela Gerono, Germany

This course is highly recommended as a supplement to BaZi courses. A fun, informative and useful session is guaranteed.

Sarah Ho Sook Ming , Hong Kong

Again - Outstanding! This proves that one needs to keep repeating. A wealth of knowledge even though it is a repeat class. Well done - Joey is phenomenal!! Many Thanks.

Diane Grobler, South Africa

Fast paced, packed with a lot of information...Great to have more tools now to improve the speed and accuracy of my readings. Thank you.

Inge Katrina Heding, Australia

I really enjoyed it and learn a whole new chunk of things and am really excited to put into use.

Bonita Pang Ying Chyi, Singapore

It's a great course. It opened my mind towards Chinese Metaphysics studies. Joey's approach is friendly and fun.

Mulyono Tjahyono, Indonesia

Overwhelming information: Thank You!

Georg Schmidt, Austria

Fascinating and lots of detail!

Lim Keng Hock, Malaysia

It's an extensive course with a lot of new information to digest and a lot of charts to practice. It is very good and helps to read charts better.

Yoshiko Sinaga, Singapore

Always Have Upper Hand

Think of a professional poker player. He or she may not hold the best hand at the table, but if they know how to read everyone else, they know when to hold and when to fold. The person who reads others correctly at the poker table ultimately wins the game, irrespective of the cards they are dealt. Business situations, meetings and opportunities frequently require you to correctly assess others. Even if you don't have the strongest hand, you can still come out on top when you know your opposition.

With a pen and paper, anyone can write anything they want on their CV. They can open their mouths and tell you whatever you want to hear. It is an unfortunate fact of life that people can be deceitful. The face however, never lies.

Face Reading isn't about becoming cynical and skeptical about other people, but it can save you a lot of money, time and heart ache. Specific attributes such as the distance between the eyes, the shape of the nose, or the curve of the eyebrow can indicate certain personality traits or even foretell certain events that may transpire at some point in the future. A CV wouldn't tell you if someone is loose lipped, for example - a dangerous trait in a competitive business environment - but Face Reading would. Calculating where someone stands in their Luck Cycle using Mian Xiang might save you the trouble of hiring someone who is going through bad luck and from taking on that bad luck when you hire them! Take the guesswork, gut feelings and risk out of the picture and start acting on hard information that has been cultivated using a system fine- tuned over hundreds of years.

Perfected Over Centuries

The truth is that most of us can already face read to some extent - we can tell whether or not a person is happy or sad. In the time of Huang Di or the Yellow Emperor (2700BC - 2150BC), the science of Mian Xiang began to take shape and has been under constant development ever since. The system, born out of observation of physical characteristics and the appearance of the bone structure, shapes, contours and even Qi colour of the face, became ever more complex as it became ever more precise. At a high level, every aspect of the way a person conducts themselves can be used to interpret a person's character and nature. The techniques in Mian Xiang, drawn from ancient classics, are a form of "Physiognomy" which is one of the Chinese Five Arts (Wu Shu 五術). The term 'Physiognomy' refers to the observation of appearances.

The system divides the face into 100 areas. Although aspects of the face such as bone structure do not change with age, others do as a person does. This means that as someone goes through life and their characteristics change their face, this too, is kept up- to- date, whilst also retaining information about their Destiny and Fortune. The system is flexible and the face is read differently depending on age. With Mian Xiang, you will learn to assess fixed facial features at a glance (Fixed Position Reading) to form a swift assessment before undertaking an in-depth analysis using Combination Position Reading which takes all features of the human face into account. With practice, anyone can become highly adept at Face Reading so that it becomes second nature. With sufficient time, even the subtlest facial tics and movements become precise, "tell all" hints and markers that give concealed thoughts away.

Nobody can tell when you are Face Reading - you don't need to ask any questions or do any research about the person you are reading. They won't know just how much you know about them. Well informed: the best way to be when it comes to matters of business, socialising and even romance!

Mian Xiang is a fast, accurate, powerful weapon against the uncertainties you face when dealing with others. Get informed!

Why Home Study Course?

You are ready to take action like the other successful people before you who have mastered Face Reading.

The problem is, in today's hectic world, time is scarce and scheduling problems frequent. We are constantly bombarded with information and conflicting advice and it can be difficult to filter out the important from the banal. How can you possibly hope to see the benefits of fully integrating the Face Reading Essentials Course presented here into your life against such a hectic background of noise and distraction? What if a live course isn't being held near you or if you come from a place that has no resources or mentors on Face Reading?

Home Study is the modern answer to the hectic lifestyle of today. Joey Yap's Mastery Courses are now available in various Online Home Study packages which you can learn on your terms: where you want, when you want. Instead of being forced to absorb a wealth of important information at a live event or class, you can now pace yourself and fully absorb the content of the comprehensive course book, video and tool packages in the comfort of your own home. Repeat sections again and again. Rewind and fast forward as you see fit.

In the Online HomeStudy Course, you will receive access to online video lectures, online video lessons, 200- page+ course workbook, quizzes, exercises, and a wealth more including 6 bonus lessons from Joey Yap!

So, just who is Joey Yap and how did he come up with his systematic, life changing Mian Xiang Online HomeStudy Course? (And why should you bother listening to him?)

Read Joey Yap's fascinating story here before you begin your own
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